Saturday, 12 December 2015

0-3 Months Knitted Baby Booties | Socks

How-To Video
What you'll need

50g DK ( Light Worsted Weight) Yarn
4mm Knitting Needles
4mm Crochet Hook
Sewing Needle

4mm 0-3 months
4.5mm 3-6 months
5mm 6- 9 months


Cast on 40
Rows 1-6 Garter Stitch
Row 7 K14, P2tog, K8, P2tog. Turn your work around
Rows 8 - 12 K9, P2tog, Turn your work around.
Row 13 K9 P2tog, Knit to end of row (28)
Rows 14 - 23 K2, P2
Rows 24 - 27 Garter Stitch

Cast off and sew the seam


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